Q: What advantage do I have if I want to Sue U S Bank* for Lender Fraud?

Most Home Loans originated after 2004 were sold on Secondary Markets like Wall Street are now being only ‘Serviced’ by Banks like U S Bank* (not the True Note Owner) may contain one or more of the following legal Court Room challenges:

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A: Lender Lawsuit Litigation can allow the True Note Holder to be identified and made aware of any mortgage lender fraud and your retention efforts and ability to sustain your Home.

     It has been discovered that the majority of these loans that have inherent legal challenges are being serviced by a third party contracted by the true Note Owner and are known as the Servicer. Servicing agreements have been reported to allow Servicers, (US Bank*) increased profits when a homeowner becomes delinquent.
     Servicers,( US Bank* ) typically make it impossible for you the Homeowner to identify the true Note Owner making all negotiations or request for assistance limited to an employee or an agent of the Servicer,( US Bank* ) rarely reaching the True Note Holder. We’ve often discovered the True Note Holder was completely unaware of the Homeowners interest in retaining the home if only the mortgage were realistically adjusted. Instead the Beneficiary may take larger losses through the unnecessary and avoidable foreclosure process.
     Properly filing a well constructed Lender Law Suit against US Bank* will allow an experienced Law Firm to identify who the true note owner is naming them as an additional defendant in the Lender Lawsuit. This  allows early communication with the Beneficiary's Attorney allowing foreclosure avoidance settlement communication with the entity that not only has the ability to make these decisions but may benefit as well.

* US Bank is a registered trade mark of US Bank.